Xstrike Dubai | Indoor games in dubai loop

Unleash your inner warrior at Xstrike, an action-packed destination where combat meets competitive gaming.


Perfectly compatible for people of all ages, Xstrike offers an incredible array of options for a school field trip in Dubai like no other. Our special area for children 10 and under is perfect for a fun-filled tactical experience, while older kids and teens can opt for a higher-stakes experience through our many action-packed missions.

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At Xstrike, we use non-projectile laser technology making it the ideal place for a school field trip in Dubai, where learning is taken to another level. If you are worried that students spend most of their time in front of a computer we solve that for you. At each session, we offer creative education that will excite and encourage any primary, junior, or senior high school students to perform better.
Through our sessions, we teach students to improve their communication and coordination/motor skills, and by the end of these experiences, they are good team members who use strategy, dexterity, and critical thinking. They develop cultural awareness and understanding through recognising and accepting diversity when working towards common goals. They cultivate character by experiencing situations in real life at Xstrike through our innovative and immersive school field trip in Dubai.
All our staff are certified first-aiders and under-go continuous training at all levels to improve safety awareness. Our facility undergoes risk assessments at regular intervals and all our equipment is verified by the Dubai Municipality.